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Expertise in Underground Utility Infrastructure

Welcome to Spear D Construction, where we've been proudly serving New Mexico's city, county, state, and tribal municipalities for over 35 years. As your trusted experts in underground utility construction, we bring a wealth of experience, including design-build and value engineering for sewer, water, and storm system projects.

Water Systems

Ensuring clean, potable drinking water for New Mexico communities is our mission. From neighborhood infrastructure improvements to constructing water storage systems, we've got you covered. Here are the water utility systems we work on:

  • CCP-Concrete Cylinder Pipe Sturdy concrete pipes for reliable water flow.
  • PVC-Poly Vinyl Chloride Resilient plastic pipes for various water applications.
  • C-900 Strong PVC pipes for water distribution systems.
  • Hydrants Above-ground fixtures for firefighting purposes.
  • Siamese Fire Department Connections Special connections for firefighters during emergencies.
  • Ductile Iron Pipe Robust pipes for water transport.
  • Fusible PVC PVC pipes that fuse for a seamless water pipeline.
  • Fire Risers Vertical pipes for firefighting water flow.
  • Post Indicator Valves Valves with visible indicators for easy monitoring.
  • Booster Pump Stations Facilities enhancing water pressure for a reliable supply.
  • Storage Tanks Containers ensuring a continuous water supply.
  • Relief Valves Safety valves releasing excess pressure.
  • Water Meters Devices measuring water usage for billing and conservation.
  • Pressure Reducing Valves Valves maintaining optimal water pressure.
  • Detector Checks Valves checking for water presence.
  • Pressure Regulating Valves Valves maintaining consistent water pressure.
  • Isolation Valves Valves isolating specific sections for maintenance.
  • Backflow Preventers Devices preventing reverse water flow.

Sewer Systems

Functioning sewer drainage and treatment systems are vital for the health of our New Mexico communities. Our sewer infrastructure capabilities include:

  • Vituminous Clay Pipe Reliable pipes for underground water systems.
  • Cast Iron Pipe Durable pipes for various water applications.
  • Concrete Pipe Sturdy pipes providing strength and durability.
  • PVC SDR 25 – Poly Vinyl Chloride Accessories Resilient PVC pipes and accessories for efficient water flow.
  • Lift Stations Specialized systems for pumping wastewater uphill.
  • Grease Traps Devices preventing grease from entering plumbing systems.
  • Septic Tanks Tanks treating and disposing of household wastewater.
  • Leach and Filtration Fields Systems dispersing treated wastewater into the ground.
  • Grease Interceptor Systems Advanced systems trapping grease to prevent blockages.
  • Sand/Oil Separators Mechanisms separating sand and oil for cleaner water.


Storm Systems

Storm systems protect our neighborhoods and cities against runoff and flooding caused by rain and snow melt. Our expertise in storm system construction includes:

  • RCP-Reinforced Concrete Pipe Sturdy pipes diverting rainwater from flood-prone areas.
  • HDPE – High Density Polyethylene Tough plastic pipes efficiently managing water flow.
  • Structural Drain Inlets Special entry points collecting and redirecting rainwater.
  • Detention Ponds Water storage spaces safely storing excess rainwater.
  • French Drains Underground drainage systems allowing safe water movement.
  • Rip Rap Rocks preventing erosion and providing stability.

Why Choose Spear D Construction?

Here at Spear D Construction, we focus on more than just the work. We know we are building sustainable utility systems that provide New Mexico families and communities with critical infrastructure that improves the quality of life now and in the future. We do this by providing:

Quality Workmanship

Our diverse team, from seasoned veterans to tech-savvy individuals, ensures quality infrastructure that lasts.

Competitive Pricing

Our experienced estimators work hard to provide accurate, competitive bids on high-quality materials.


Spear D Construction took first place for Municipal and Utilities projects in the 2023 AGC Best Buildings Contest.

Robust Capabilities

With the ability to self-perform up to 90% of the work on public utility projects, our work is efficient and high quality.

Customer Satisfaction

Focused on your satisfaction, we ensure open communication, planning, and on-time, within-budget project completion.

Work with us

Spear D Construction’s industry knowledge and local familiarity can take your project to the next level. Request our qualifications to see our licensing and experience information. Together, we will improve the infrastructure and legacy of our New Mexican communities.
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