About Us

New Mexico Grown, Locally Owned

Spear D Construction has been serving New Mexico for more than 35 years. Starting as a small, family-run plumbing company in 1987, Spear D (then TLC Plumbing & Utility) quickly grew into one of the most sought-after construction contractors in the state.

So how does a one-man plumbing operation become a large utility, earthwork, and paving contractor? Owner and founder Dale Armstrong would answer that question one way, “Take care of people!”

Take care of your customers and employees, and they will take care of you

Spear D Construction traces its roots back to a one-man operation called TLC Plumbing & Utility. Founded by Dale and Gail Armstrong in 1987, the company was (and is) focused on one thing: taking care of people. Dale believed that keeping commitments and caring for customers was the key to success (and he was right). 

The company started in residential plumbing, but it was one short year later in 1988 that he began working in small utilities and water & sewer taps. This focus on residential and smaller utility projects gave Dale and our growing team insight into the infrastructural needs of our communities. Dale’s focus on relationships with customers, employees, and the community paved the way for the team to branch into larger municipal construction projects.

It was 1995 when we first tackled heavy civil utility construction projects, taking on large-diameter water, sewer, and storm drain projects. By 1996, a concrete department was added, and our team was constructing inlet structures, curb & gutter, and sidewalks.

We didn’t stop there. Dale soon saw additional ways we could support our customers and clients. In 1998 and 1999, we added small water treatment plant construction and paving to the growing list of civil construction capabilities. When he talks about adding paving to TLC’s list of services, Dale cites the need to keep utility construction projects (many of which require asphalt patching and repaving) on schedule for our clients. He believed that our team could better serve our customers if we took this portion in-house.

He was right, and paving quickly grew into its own department, taking on roadway and earthwork projects state-wide!

2007 saw the addition of bypass pumping, which better equipped our on-call construction teams to handle large-scale water and sewer emergencies. In 2009, we began working on large water treatment plants, with a team capable of constructing, upgrading, and maintaining the water treatment systems that protect the health of our communities and the environment

The years since 2009 saw steady growth, not just for our construction teams but also for our residential and commercial service teams. In 2023, it became clear.

Construction was strong. We were ready to stand on our own. Spear D Construction was born!

What does Spear D stand for?

When the time came for us to sprout wings and fly, we chose a name that connects us to our roots. Even though ownership and management haven’t changed, we wanted to remain connected to Dale’s legacy, and our story as part of the TLC Family.

The name Spear D Construction is a direct nod to Dale Armstrong himself. One of Dale’s loves is his family ranch, The Spear D, in Magdalena, New Mexico. He and his wife Gail enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren on the ranch. While Dale’s legacy extends beyond the borders of his ranch, The Spear D is his family legacy.

It’s personal. And it gets us excited every day!

Who we are at Spear D Construction

We are your family, friends, and neighbors. Our hearts beat for New Mexico. We do more than pave roads and lay pipe. We build the infrastructure that protects and supports our communities. 

We are still a TLC Company. What does that mean? It means that the same people you’ve been counting on for your construction and infrastructure needs over the last 35+ years are the same people you can count on for the next 35. Spear D Construction operates as a dba of TLC Company, Inc. whom you have trusted for more than three decades.

Our name changed. Who we are, did not.

What we do at Spear D Construction

At Spear D Construction, we provide construction infrastructure services throughout the state of New Mexico. Our highly skilled, experienced crews work seamlessly with each other and with our partners and clients to produce high-quality results on time and within budget. Our construction capabilities include:

  • Utility Infrastructure Construction, Maintenance & Repair
  • Roadway & Asphalt Paving
  • Grading & Earthwork
  • Concrete Construction & Finishing
  • On-Call Emergency Services

Spear D Construction serves a diverse range of clients in multiple markets including local, county, and state governments, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations. We have completed numerous projects throughout the state for many clients, including:

    • City of Albuquerque
    • City of Rio Rancho
    • Village of Los Lunas
    • Village of Cuba
    • City of Santa Fe
    • Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority
    • Santa Ana Pueblo
    • Pueblo of Sandia
    • Santo Domingo Pueblo
    • Santa Fe County
    • Los Alamos County
    • Bernalillo County
    • Los Alamos National Laboratories
    • Sandia National Laboratories
    • Albuquerque Public Schools
    • New Mexico School of Mining & Technology

    Our team is familiar with working in historically sensitive areas, such as the historic neighborhoods of Santa Fe and pristine tribal lands. Our experience with national laboratories also provides us with the ability to complete projects in severe work environments with strict safety and security protocols. Whatever your infrastructure needs, our team is equipped to complete it to the highest possible standards!

      What happened to TLC?

      TLC is still going strong! Our sister company, TLC Services, continues to provide high-quality plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical services for your home and business. To learn more about their residential, commercial, and industrial services, visit their website at tlcplumbing.com.