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Your Reliable Source for Concrete Services

Spear D Construction stands as the premier concrete services contractor in New Mexico, offering top-notch solutions that set the foundation for successful construction projects. Committed to excellence and supported by a team of seasoned experts, we take pride in our specialized concrete services tailored to meet the unique needs and specifications of your projects.

Comprehensive Concrete Construction Solutions

Concrete Construction Capabilities

Spear D Construction is equipped to complete your concrete project, regardless of scope or complexity. We can self-perform a wide range of concrete projects, including:

  • Subdivisions
  • Curb & Gutter
  • Channel
  • Sidewalks
  • Structures
  • Water Storage Tanks

With the support of our earthwork and asphalt paving crews, our concrete team is ready to take on any project.

Specialized Concrete Experience

Spear D Construction’s concrete experts are more than concrete finishers. They are artisans with decades of experience in providing custom concrete solutions in the public right of way. Our capabilities include:

  • Curb and Gutter Installation (18", 24", and 32") along public streets to manage water flow and define pavement edges.
  • Sidewalk Construction to create safe and durable pedestrian walkways.
  • Handicap Ramp Installation to ensure accessibility and safety for our local communities.
  • Drive Pad Construction that provides solid, reliable driveaway surfaces.
  • Valley Gutter Installation to efficiently direct water runoff.
  • Alley Gutter Construction provides effective drainage solutions for alleyways.
  • Concrete Fillets to provide seamless transitions and joints to connect various surfaces.
  • Rundown Installation allows for safe drainage to prevent water accumulation.
  • Perma Curb is a specialized service to ensure the longevity and stability of curbs.
  • Concrete Channel Lining produces durable drainage channels to prevent damage caused by flash-flooding.
  • Retaining Wall Construction provides erosion control and retains soil.

Why Choose Spear D Construction?

Collaborative Expertise

At Spear D Construction, we offer a unique advantage because of our ability to self-perform not just concrete, but earthwork, paving, and utility construction. Our skills in internal and external collaboration create a smooth, unified, and efficient approach to your construction project.

Commitment to Safety

Safety is not just a number at Spear D Construction. We are committed to safety so that each of our employees, local partners, and community members returns home to their families every single day. Our dedication to improved quality of life for our neighborhoods is why we emphasize safe behaviors and practices on our job sites.

Skilled Concrete Finishers

Our team boasts skilled and experienced concrete finishers who bring precision and expertise to every project. From intricate details to flawless finishes, Spear D Construction ensures the highest quality craftsmanship in concrete work.

On-Time Project Delivery

Time is of the essence, and we understand the importance of meeting deadlines. Spear D Construction is known for its commitment to on-time project delivery. Our efficient project management and streamlined processes ensure that your construction projects are completed within your specified timeframe.

Versatility in Concrete Services

Whether it's curb and gutter installations, sidewalks, handicap ramps, or retaining walls, Spear D Construction offers a comprehensive range of concrete services. Our versatility allows us to easily cater to diverse project requirements.

Local Ownership and Management

Spear D Construction is locally owned and managed by New Mexicans who understand the unique challenges of construction in the region. This local insight, combined with industry expertise, sets us apart in delivering tailored solutions for your specific needs.

Work With Us

Spear D Construction’s industry knowledge and local familiarity can take your project to the next level. Request our qualifications to see our licensing and experience information. Together, we will improve the infrastructure and legacy of our New Mexican communities.
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